Price statistics MANA

Price Decentraland 0,4953 $
24 hours minimum 0,4864 $
Max 24 hours 0,5047 $
Position in the ranking #94
Market capitalization 914 811 854,0000 $
Trading volume for 24 hours 84 255 689,0000 $
In circulation 1 846 930 597,6604 $

How much is Decentraland (price mana) now?

The current 2024.02.25 05:38 value of Decentraland (mana) against USD is 0.495273.

Where can I buy or trade Decentraland (mana)?

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How much was Decentraland worth at the peak of the market?

Decentraland was worth the maximum :price :date

What was the minimum cost of Decentraland?

The minimum cost of Decentraland was :price :date

Decentraland price today is $0.495273 with a daily trading volume of 84255689. We update our Decentraland price to USD in real time. Decentraland has changed to 1.50053% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinLiq rating is #94 with a market cap of $914811854.

What is Decentraland (Mana)?

Decentraland (Mana) is a virtual reality platform that enables users to build and explore virtual worlds. Through the use of VR and AR technology, users can teleport themselves between various places and scenarios within these worlds. Developed by the non-profit Decentraland Foundation, this platform strives to enable people to interact with each other and experience a more collaborative community while building their own unique worlds. Because these worlds are entirely created by users, the possibilities are endless!

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The Need For Virtual & Augmented Reality Communities

As the world becomes more digital, people are looking for ways to interact with each other and improve their experiences. But, the issue is that most social platforms were designed for face-to-face interactions, which creates significant limitations when trying to replicate these experiences via technology. For example, when using traditional VR platforms like Oculus or Steam, it is difficult to replicate the social experiences of a face-to-face conversation or meeting.

This is where Decentraland (Mana) steps in. By using their own proprietary software on a mobile phone or PC, users can load up their phones with hotspots that allow them to teleport to different places in the Decentraland (Mana) world. Once there, they can interact with others just like they would in the real world. Except, in this case, they can't actually touch or smell each other because of the limitations of virtual reality. But, they can engage with one another through written and oral communication which enhances the interactions even more.

What Makes Decentraland Special?

The main purpose of Decentraland (Mana) is to enable people to socialize and commune with others in a virtual space.

This is a monumental task, considering how much time most people spend alone these days. Between school, work, and family obligations, it's easy to see why most people would rather stay in their own homes than go to community centers or meetups to socialize.

Decentraland enables individuals to meet in person the "one-way" streets of a computer network, combining the collaborative power of the crowd with the openness of the internet.

This collaborative environment encourages individuals to explore new ideas and share their knowledge, while simultaneously helping them to grow as people. Through these interactions, Decentraland aims to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Realistic And Immersive Environments

Because Decentraland (Mana) users can teleport themselves between various places and scenarios, they are able to explore a highly realistic and immersive environment. In fact, the entire platform is based on a modified version of the Unity game engine which handles all the technical aspects of rendering, physics, shading, and much more.

The result is a fully functioning virtual world that is incredibly lifelike. Even the lighting, sounds, and physics feel realistic.

You wouldn't necessarily know it by looking at it, but the fact that it's a computer-generated image means that it's not real. So, although it might appear real, don't be fooled—at any moment, you could turn off the program and it would disappear. The fact that it's not physical makes it that much easier to navigate and discover content within.

In the same way that we navigate the internet to find information, users navigate Decentraland's virtual world to find content. This content may take the form of 3D models, videos, images, or interactive elements which can be explored via a tablet or linked mobile device.

Community-Driven Content

Another distinguishing feature of Decentraland is that the content is completely community-driven. This means that anyone can submit content, and users with the "publish" button can make it available for other users to experience. Because the content is not pre-defined, it can be infinitely varied, providing a virtually unlimited amount of variety for users to explore.

This is important because it means that the experience will never be the same. Even if two users have the exact same content, it will still feel unique because it is a product of their imaginations.

Intuitive User Interface

To help users navigate this virtual world easily, Decentraland (Mana) utilizes a highly intuitive user interface. This interface is designed to be easy to learn and accessible for anyone who's used to using a computer or mobile device.

For example, to begin exploring the platform, you simply have to point your mobile device's camera at the virtual walls in your vicinity and begin walking. As you walk, you'll notice a blue portal appear in the center of the screen. Once you step into the portal, you'll be teleported to the Decentraland world. From there, you can move around, using your phone's motion sensing to navigate. Just remember that the motion sensing only works when you're in the portal, so you have to return there to move around the environment.

Open Source

In addition to building innovative virtual environments, the team at Decentraland (Mana) are committed to open source software. This means that they strive to create the best possible product, but also to make all of their work accessible to everyone. So, instead of keeping all of their software proprietary, they make it available under an open source license so that anyone can access and use the code to enhance their own projects.

As a result, anyone can take part in the open source community and submit fixes or new features. This encourages more people to join, meaning that more people can contribute to the advancement of the project and benefit from all of its potential. Because the entire community is working towards the same goal, this also encourages more people to get involved and have a say in the direction that the project takes.

With open source software comes the benefit of transparency. Unlike closed source software, where the developers hide their work behind proprietary barriers, with open source software, anyone can examine the code and determine how the product functions—this helps provide a better understanding of the technology and its potential.

Community (Mana)

One of the distinguishing features of Decentraland (Mana) is its community. The platform was designed with social interaction in mind and makes it easy for users to connect with other people within the project. This is partly achieved through the use of unique identification tools that allow users to be tracked and located within the virtual space. (For more information, check out our article on How to Build a Virtual Friends List.)

When you first log in to Decentraland (Mana), you'll notice a button at the top of the screen that says "Join Group." Clicking this button will take you to a place where you can meet other users and get involved with the community of the platform. Incoming connections are shown on your screen as a notification, and you'll also find a list of nearby users whenever you visit this space.

Additionally, you can utilize a space called a "Channel" to engage with users individually or in small groups. Channels are private messages sent between individuals or groups, which makes them a great way to have a more personalized experience within the platform. When a Channel is created, the first thing that you'll see is a QR code (short for Quick Response Code). Simply scan this code with your phone's camera, and you'll be able to send and receive private messages to and from anyone on the platform. (For more information, check out our article on Using QR Codes in Digital Marketing.)

Token Sale (Mana)

Another important feature of Decentraland is its token sale. During the token sale, users can purchase DGX tokens, which are the native currency of the platform. These tokens can then be utilized to pay for various items within Decentraland. For example, if you want to purchase a virtual item that is not available at the time of the purchase, you'll have to put in some actual money.

However, one of the best things about the token sale is that it provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Individuals who participate in the token sale gain access to premium areas of the platform, such as early access to new content, as well as a chance to engage with the development team and offer feedback on the project.

How Does Decentraland (Mana) Use Blockchain Technology?

To help ensure the integrity of all transactions on their platform, Decentraland (Mana) utilizes blockchain technology. This is a technology that underpins Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, allowing for the secure storage and transmission of digital assets. However, because digital currencies operate directly within the blockchain, they are not subject to the volatility that traditional currencies are subject to.