Price statistics FIL

Price Filecoin 6,6700 $
24 hours minimum 6,2100 $
Max 24 hours 7,8400 $
Position in the ranking #32
Market capitalization 3 567 983 416,0000 $
Trading volume for 24 hours 740 087 170,0000 $
In circulation 538 270 131,0000 $

How much is Filecoin (price fil) now?

The current 2024.04.13 15:48 value of Filecoin (fil) against USD is 6.67.

Where can I buy or trade Filecoin (fil)?

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How much was Filecoin worth at the peak of the market?

Filecoin was worth the maximum :price :date

What was the minimum cost of Filecoin?

The minimum cost of Filecoin was :price :date

Filecoin price today is $6.67 with a daily trading volume of 740087170. We update our Filecoin price to USD in real time. Filecoin has changed to -14.85174% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinLiq rating is #32 with a market cap of $3567983416.

Filecoin (FIL) Cryptocurrency

Filecoin is a cryptocurrency that is used to buy and sell storage space on a decentralized network. The network is made up of individuals who offer their spare storage space in exchange for Filecoin. The Filecoin currency is used to pay for these services. The more storage space someone has, the more Filecoin they can earn. Filecoin is a great way to decentralize the storage industry. By using a peer-to-peer network, individuals can offer their storage space without having to go through a central authority. This means that the cost of storage can be much lower than it is with traditional storage providers. If you are looking for a way to store your data securely and cheaply, then Filecoin is a great option for you.

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What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a cryptocurrency that is used to buy and sell storage space on the Filecoin network. The Filecoin network is a decentralized storage network that is built on top of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Filecoin tokens are used to incentive users to store data on the network. When data is stored on the network, it is encrypted and broken up into pieces that are spread out across the network. The more data that is stored on the network, the more Filecoin tokens a user will earn.

How Does Filecoin Work?

The market runs on a blockchain with a native protocol token (FIL) that users earn by providing storage to the network. In the Filecoin network, users interact with each other to buy and sell storage. Filecoin miners produce blocks that record these storage deals, and the Filecoin blockchain secures these blocks with a cryptographic proof. The Filecoin protocol incentivizes miners to store more data by rewarding them with FIL tokens. The more data a miner stores, the more rewards they earn. In this way, the Filecoin network provides a cost-effective, decentralized storage solution. To use the Filecoin network, users first need to acquire some FIL tokens. They can then use these tokens to buy storage from miners, or to become a miner themselves. The Filecoin network is open to anyone who wants to use it, and anyone can become a miner. So how does Filecoin work? Essentially, it's a marketplace for storage that is powered by a decentralized network of miners. Miners earn FIL tokens by providing storage to the network, and users can use FIL tokens to buy storage from miners. The Filecoin network is open to anyone who wants to use it, and anyone can become a miner. File coin blockchain has its own ipfs protocol (like https), but for storage files.

Filecoin vs. Bitcoin

FIL is traded on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and can also be bought and sold for fiat currencies. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a decentralized digital currency that can be used to purchase goods and services. Bitcoin is also traded on a number of exchanges and can be bought and sold for fiat currencies. So, what's the difference between Filecoin and Bitcoin? Well, for one, Filecoin is focused on providing a decentralized storage solution, while Bitcoin is focused on being a decentralized digital currency. Additionally, the price of FIL has seen a lot more volatility than the price of Bitcoin. So, if you're looking to invest in a cryptocurrency, you'll need to decide which one best aligns with your investment goals.

The Future of Filecoin

The future of Filecoin looks very promising. The project has already partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry and has a very strong development team. The mainnet launch is expected to happen in 2020 and if everything goes according to plan, Filecoin could become one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the years to come.


Filecoin is similar to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, in that it can be used to purchase goods and services. However, Filecoin is unique in that it can also be used to pay for storage on the Filecoin network. This makes Filecoin a very useful tool for those who need to store large amounts of data.